Just how to select the right led bulb to replace xenon dual and also single beam light bulbs?

For HID bulbs, they have a little bit various on dual beam light bulb and also single beam light bulb contrasted to the incandescent halogen light bulb.


The HID light bulb has one ball of gas with electrodes, it's called a pill, as well as the single beam halogen light bulb has one filament.

When you go to a dual beam HID light bulb once again, we have one capsule inside just like the single beam bulb.


It's not always any even more intense, but it transforms placement from a reduced led h7 canbus beam pattern to a high beam pattern.

It's simply like this halogen bulb, you see exactly how it has 2 filaments: one of them is close to the center where it places and one of them is further away so simply like when the low beam of light ignites.

Since there are various spacing inside the halogen light bulb, it creates a different beam pattern.


If you want to make use of a led bulb to change xenon light bulb, with a single beam hid light bulb, we still need a single beam led. With a dual beam xenon light bulb, we still require a dual beam LED.